The cultivator not only loosens and destroys weeds, but can also fertilize the soil at the same time. The maximum efficiency of the cultivator is reached on small and average sowing areas.

Provides high-quality loosening of the soil between rows to a given depth.

Weeding cultivator KYM-5,6

The Weeding cultivator KYM-5,6 without introduction of fertilizers, with the transport device is intended for interrow processing of eight row crops of the high-stem row crops sown with interrows of 450 -700 mm. In all soil and climatic zones. Working speed of cultivation - to 10 km / h that provides productivity for one hour of processing accordingly 6,0 / 5,8 and 4,5 hectares, excluding areas with stony soils.

 S-shaped rack

The S-shaped spring rack provides the optimum water-air mode in soil. The high spring capacity of such a rack leads to oscillating movements of the paw in the ground, which vibrate both in the direction of movement and in the lateral direction, with minimal movement in height. Due to this, the exact observance of the required depth of processing is guaranteed, the quality of grinding is improved, fuel consumption is reduced, traction resistance is reduced, which helps to prevent clogging of the working body with soil and plant residues.

Weeding cultivator KuM-5,6 with sowing bunkers


Weeding cultivator KuM-5,6 with liquid bunker




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