Wave-shaped discs of 545 mm in diameter with a square rack 40 mm  Disc spacing 125 mm

 Soil loosening up to 50 mm

 VERDIS turbo cultivator 

Farmers around the world regularly face problems of over compaction and soil erosion, and, as a result, loss of potential harvest. The solution for these problems was the appearance of vertical tillage technology. VERDIS disc implements provide vertical tillage that prevents compaction and accelerates mineralization of crop residues.
The multi-row arrangement allows to process a large amount of crop residues at high speed without clogging even on heavy humid soils.

VERDIS turbo cultivator performs a large number of important functions such as grinding and spreading of plant remnants, mulching, loosening and levelling the top soil layer, tillages of green fallow, removes the soil crust, and moisture compaction.
A special feature of this unit is the multi-row arrangement of the working details (discs) on the individual damper rack. This design allows to work with a higher amount of post-harvest residues, even in moisture conditions. Also it allows to develop high working speed and like pneumatic drills breaching soil compaction.

Verdis models are characterized by a strong and heavy frame, six rows of wave-shaped discs, a three-rows spring harrow and a bar roller. Each disc is mounted on an individual rack, works without a disc angle and has an up and down vibration. The basis of the unit is wave-shaped disс blades that independently mounted on the individual spring rack. Thus, the Verdis working model is equipped with wave-shaped discs of 545 mm in diameter and a square rack of 40 mm with a spacing of 160 mm. The machine may be equipped with eight wave-shaped discs with a wave width of 65 mm. Due to the frame weight a load on each disc is 121 kg. This version is used for the soil loosening up to 50 mm.






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