The robust design is easily aggregated with tractors from 180 h.p.


Cutting coulter or cutting roller Trash Cutter for disruption of the stalks and uncut stubble or hydraulic bar.


Management of plant remnants after harvest, spring preparation on heavy humid soils.

Easily adjustable working angle of the spring.

Meadow and pasture treatment.


Springs 16 mm in diameter.



DEREX is a 5-row field harrow used for solving the management of post-harvest residues for their harrowing, activation of weed grain growth, for restoring the permanent grass growth, and seedbed preparation up to 4 cm in the spring season. Spring soil preparation, plant residues management, weed growth controlling stubble, snail combat, revitalisation of pastures.

This harrow is designed for moisture compaction, soil treatment and field sowing preparation. It provides soil surface levelling, evenly distributes straw and nutrient residues, and promotes their rapid decomposition. Ideal for No-till, Mini-till, and Strip-till technologies. The harrow perfectly performs tillage due to 5 rows of spring teeth and vertical discs.






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