The robust design is easily aggregated with tractors from 80 h.p. Springs diameter of 6 and 7 mm Destruction of weeds in the thread phase on all types of crops 
Easily adjustable springs' working angle  Chemical treatment alternative Works on 15 cm sprouts



 BPSH has been a reliable unit for many years not only for high-quality tillage, but also as an alternative to chemical weed control. The application area of the unit BPSH is very wide. BPSH began to play an important role in a modern agriculture, due to the successful use in the processing of grain, industrial crops, vegetables, legumes and pastures. It is very important to perform crops harrowing to destroy the soil crust, especially on heavy soils. Usually, a large amount of precipitation during period before sprouts germination and hot dry weather lead to the formation of soil crust, which prevents soil aeration and complicates plants germination. As a result, plants partially die out and sprouts germination became uneven. Ultimately all these reasons greatly reduce yields and quality of crops. The result of using BPSH is a very small number of weeds, that can not affect the main crop.

Positive effects of using BPSH:

- Soil aeration;

- Water balance regulation (capillary destruction);

- Strengthening of the main crop.

The success of non-chemical weed control is entirely your responsibility, as you are the main observer of the tillage process. To achieve the result it is necessary to choose the operating time of BPSH in sunny weather, it contributes to drying and destruction of weed germs. Also need to make sure that the ground is not too wet. The optimal impact on the soil, depth, the working speed and adjusting of teeth should correspond to the growing of individual crops technology.

Successfully use of BPSH

-A weeding control by the unit BPSH is successfully achieved to 70% due to weeds backfilling in the initial phase, and contributing to the retention and accumulation of moisture, aeration that causes dynamic development at different stages of the growing season. Based on this fact, we can identify various arguments of the BPSH successful use.

- Determined design of spring mobility and vibration provides high-quality loosening, weeding in the "thread phase" and at the same time has a careful effect on sprouts.

- The working speed during harrowing should be 8-12 km/h. The soil more intensively set in motion, weeds are backfilled that provides better control results. Competent and timely use of harrows significantly reduces the cost of growing crops and chemical treatment.






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