Rack is made of pipe 40х40х4 Composite bushing is used on the rocker It is possible to replace each tine individually 
Bearing assembly FKL does not require lubrication and regulation. Tension spring- not compression, which eliminates fractures. Special geometry of tines, ensuring penetration at a right angle

Rotary harrow ANTOKS XL-14  

Rotary harrow ANTOKS has shown it's high efficiency when used by farms that choose our rotary harrow.

Rotary harrow ANTOKS has shown its high efficiency

NEW improved design of a rack with disc 


Our engineers have developed a new design of a rotary harrow taking into account the wishes of farm owners and agronomists.


Our universal unit ANTOKS XL-14 quickly and efficiently performes: pre-shoots and post-shoots harrowing, surface loosening and soil aeration, destruction of thread weed shoots with the possibility to perform both solid and inter-row cultivation.


The mounted unit with 14 m working width that significantly increases the working speed. 

3 in 1 versatility- it is possible to disconnect half of the wing and get two 6-meters long harrows ANTOKS, if desired or as needed (field topograghy, etc.). Each half-wing is equipped with a hitch system.

The rack is made of a pipe 40х40х4

The inter-row spacing is adjustable from 10 cm.

The unit is produced with working width from 12 to 18 m.

Aggregated with tractors from 80 h.p and 140 h.p.






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