Rack is made of pipe 40х40х4 Composite bushing is used on the rocker and the rack It's possible to replace each tine individually
Bearing assembly FKL doesn't require lubrication and regulation Tension spring - not compression, which eliminates fracture Special geometry of tines, ensuring penetration at a right angle

Rotary harrow ANTOKS

intended for harrowing field crops (grain, cultivated, technical) before plants shooting and after with the purpose of:

-    surface loosening and soil aeration

-    destroying of weed shoots in the thread stage

RH allows to make a number of different quick works, which are an integral part of professional soil cultivation. The unit prepares the soil before sowing, and loosens the soil after sowing, what prevents delayed grain germination. Also loosening promotes an even distribution of oxygen and moister in the soil, which helps to the plant's strengthening and growth and it's further resistance to drought. The unit effectively and evenly loosens the soil without damaging plants. The implement is well equipped both for solid and inter-row cultivation, it has a high frame passage, which allows to cultivate the soil, even with the plants shooting.

The unit is designed according to a spring-loaded swinging lever's scheme. The flexibility of the lever is provided by a spring that puts pressure on the soil by two gear wheels, which are located on this lever and while rotating they create the effect of an explosion that loosens the soil without damaging the plant.

 Inter-row spacing is adjustable from 10 сm.

The unit is produced with working width from 3 to 9 m.

Aggregates with tractors from 30 h.p. tо 105 h.p.







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