Qualitative clods crushing

High working speed

Easy to set up and operate

Destruction of the soil crust

Levelling of the surface

Easy replacement of drums with cutting ones


The packer К-6 from Agrokalina designed for: soil compaction with simultaneous lumps crumbling and partial surface levelling; pre-sowing and post-sowing packing; destructions of a soil crust; compaction up to 7-10 cm with simultaneous loosening up to 4 cm. Toothed ring roller consists of: a frame, two support wheels, a hitch frame, tightening cables, two or four sections on edges, central working section, right and left wings, hydraulic cylinders, a rack, safety cables, control mechanism, fixing device.


Reliable and through-over design solutions;

Easy to set up, durable drums, 2 years hub bearings warranty;

High levelling efficiency over large areas with minimum fuel rate per hectare;






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