Perfect sowing soil preparation The Finish roller is used for the final grinding Combining up to 7 working operations in 1 pass
Increased productivity of the unit due to high working speed High quality maintenance-free FKL bearing assembly Working section with 3 rows of shares
Increased frame height 2 years warranty Double-row rear roller


АКPК «Kompakt» for pre-sowing soil preparation, meets all modern requirements of agronomists. It is manufactured with working width from 3 to 9 m. In one pass it perfoms all necessary operations for presowing preparation on the plowed surface.

  • Grinding
  • Levelling
  • Loosening
  • Creating of a seed bed to a precise depth (from 2 cm and more)
  • Keeping moisture in the soil
  • Packing the soil layer over the seed bed

Working details.

Arrow-shaped shares:

  • performs surface loosening to a precise depth
  • installed strictly horizontally to the surface, as a result they do not affect the lower moisture-bearing layer, while maintaining moisture under the seed bed.
  • large share's inter-row spacing (500 mm) prevents clogging with crop residues.

Two slatted rollers:

  • grinding and crumbling the soil

Two levelling bars:

  • levelling the cultivated area

Crosskill roller (spurs ring):

  • packing and compacting the soil layer over the seedbed,
  • sorting lumps: small ones remains at the bottom, large ones are brought to the surface, thus protecting the seed bed from washed out due rains, winds and erosion process.

As a result, AKPK "compactomat" provides a fast and an even germination of seeds.

Hydraulically folded for transportation up to 3 m (9 m unit - up to 4.6 m). There are models with a working width 3 and 4 meters manufactured without folding in a transport position.

Optimal speed 10-12 km/h.






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