The transport axel is located in front of the rear roller, which ensures stability at high speed and a small turning radius

High working speed up to 15 km / h due to excellent stability of the unit. Higher working speed = better quality work

Fast and low-cost stubble cultivation to a depth up to 12 cm

 Rear 3-parted packers overlap and form a qualitatively leveled field surface.  Front support wheels provide better stability and improved handling control during fast running Ideal flat surface is reached due to the large spacing of the second discs' row and the rear rollers



Disc harrow DEFT 

DEFT discators are universal X-shaped disc harrows from the Agromash-Kalina which combined the best design decisions of world known brands. As a result - multipurpose, high-speed units, with efficiently arranged working details that in one pass carry out all working operations necessary for soil tillage and pre-sowing preparation on stubble or unploughed field with a working width from 5 to 8 meters.

Today it is difficult to imagine modern energy-saving high-tech processes of growing crops without units of this type. Bellota's discs that made of the special boron-saturated hardened steel are independently connected to the frame by S-shaped spring rack, which acts as a suspension and damper and protects the bearings from possible temporary dynamic loads. Spring 3D rack allows better copy the field microrelief, due to the disc movement in three planes. DEFT units are equipped with maintenance free double-row radial-thrust hub bearings FKL of the closed type that have 2-years warranty from the manufacturer. Wheel assemblies from STARCO company provide long-term and reliable service in various climatic and field conditions.

Disc's harrows DEFT have a compact design, discs with a diameter of 510 mm, disc's spacing of 125 mm with an optimal working angles combination along the vertical of the relatively movement. Also a symmetrical disc's displacement in rows ensures reliable soil penetration and work at high speed. Thanks to these design features there is not only high-quality stubble cultivation to a depth up to 12 cm, but also mixing of plant residues. The disc harrow DEFT during operation supportes on front support wheels and a metal tubular or slatted (optional) roller, due to this setted working depth is followed.





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