Versatility of use from the fine peeling to the deep loosening up to 35 cm.

A possibility of work without a packer due to a transport axis arrangement in the middle of the unit.

A constant and safe work in difficult conditions thanks to the non-stop protection system

Bearing assemblies FKL do not require lubrication

A vertical non-stop overload protection system.

Excellent high throughput of the unit thanks to the frame clearance of 95 cm.

 CULTER from Agromash-Kalina is the universal deep tillage cultivator, that uses a vertical tillage technology. Main functions of the unit CULTER: levelling, destruction of the plow pan, as a result of horizontal tillage by plows and cultivators with shares. The unit CULTER has 4 rows of perfectly placed working components with spacing of 27 cm, which overlap each other by 7 cm. The unit can be used for shallow peeling and deep loosening up to 30 cm, just need to adjust front support wheels and rear rollers.



  • An optimal straw distribution due to the fact that straw and soil are thrown from the one working body to another for a long time;
  • The unit perfoms surface levelling, thus in the spring season just only one pass of the unit is needed;
  • An optimal mixing of a large amount of straw with soil, which accelerates the process of it's decomposition;
  • Working details by foreign manufacture are made of a high-quality steel with a hardening Bellota;
  • The height of the frame makes it possible to work freely in fields with a large number of post-harvest residues;



  • An optimal soil consolidation that causes fast germination of a fallen weed is reached due to the rollers CIO
  • Loosening to a depth of 30 cm, successfully destroys the plowing pan, thus ensuring better soil absorption of precipitation;
  • Modular expansion of working width, by 4 cylinders it is possible quickly fold and unfold the unit .


  • In one pass CULTER performs:

  • Loosening and grinding the soil;

  • Weed control;

  • Grinding of post-harvest residues;

  • Levelling of the field and an optimal soil compaction.

Farmers and agronomists recommend cultivating using Culter in two stages:

The first stage is to perform deep loosening to a depth of 30 cm, which destroys the plowing pan and mixes the post-harvest residues with the soil, and thanks to CIO rollers which compact the soil that causes a rapid and an even germination of fallen weeds.

The second stage should be performed in about 2 weeks up to 10-15 cm, thus completely destroys undesirable plant sprouts with roots. At the same time, CULTER evenly distributes plant residues throughout the working depth and qualitatively mixing them with the soil.    



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