Intensive tillage up to 50 cm Reliable frame design Disrupting compacted layers
Hub bearings FKL are lubrication-free Tines design allows tillage on all soil types Extremely high throughput of the machine, due to the frame height 95 см.



 SHEDR from Agromash-Kalina –  is a chisel-shaped plow which works on vertical tillage technology. 


  • Deep soil loosening provides an optimal aeration and water regime;
  • The application of chisel treatment restores the vital soil capillarity, prevents water erosion of the upper layers during rains or spring floods, and allows to start sowing a little earlier;
  • Plants and roots waste from the previous harvest is stored, which acts as an obstacle against evaporation during the drought period and prevents wind erosion; 
  • The high soil protection efficiency of the unit ensures at least 80% of the post-harvest residues preservation on the field and complete weeds cutting;





  • In one pass SHEDR performs: 

  • grinding crop residues,

  • destruction of the plow pan,

  • levelling,

  • forming of a mulching layer (crop residues are mixed with the soil in the upper layer)

  • providing free access of moisture and oxygen to the working depth. 




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