Cultivator Will Harvest - AGROKALINA
Reliable 3-sectioned frame construction of high-quality steel

All main components are imported and have quality guarantees

An accurate surface counturing due to the tandem wheels on elastic suspension
Large shares spacing, which are placed on 5 rows The working depth is adjustable by a set of clips Large wheels easily hold a heavy unit




Will Harvest cultivators, will help to prepare a perfect seedbed for small-seeded crops that require a fine-bumpy soil structure for better plant germination and development. Ideal for different conditions.

Large spacing of 5 rows shares Bellota, that provides even better passing of straw and crop residues  through the machine's working details during the tillage.

Will Harvest cultivators provide stable running at high speed and high quality of work, due to the large spacing of rows, about 75 cm and the combination of the working bodies length with a total height of 610 mm from the soil surface to the frame. The working details of the Bellota's model line (C-shaped 45x20 and S-shaped 65x12) are designed in such a way that they do not accumulate crop residues.  

Large wheels easily hold a powerful construction. Tandem wheels on a floating suspension allow better copying an unevenness of the soil surface. Depth control and it's adjustment is provided by eight wheels, which are placed along the entire working width of the cultivator. The working depth is adjusted by a set of clips.

Spring harrows help to pull out cutted weeds, crop residues and evenly distribute them on the field surface.

Packers provide an optimal soil compaction, which allows immediately sowing of legumes and weeding crops using traditional technologies.







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