Reiforced hitch frame

Steel handles of shares racks can handle significant loads

Manufactured in mounted (KPSN) and trailed (KPSP) versions


KPSP cultivators are designed for pre-sowing and fallow tillage with simultaneous harrowing on different soil types.

The unit is adapted for toothed or spring harrows. It provides high-quality loosening of the pre-cultivated soil layer to a precise depth (5-12 cm) with weed control. Produced in mounted (KPSN) and trailed (KPSP) versions.

The reinforced hitch frame of the cultivator KPSP excludes a possibility of trailed units' breakage. Wheels with pneumatic tires ensure the smooth running of the cultivator, as well as eliminate the possibility of adherence soil.

Steel handles of shares racks can handle significant loads. Shares are made of 65G steel and have a welded edge of cutting sides with sormite, which ensures their self-sharpening and durability.

The trailed cultivator KPSP is provided with a set of a hydraulic system (the hydraulic cylinder, high pressure hoses, the fitting).

It is aggregated with tractors of the 1.4 t.c. traction class (T-70C, MTZ, UMZ).

There is a possibility of making the hydroficial wide-level tractor unit of two cultivators KPSP-4 (cultivators are connected according to the line scheme) with the hitch (ZP-8). The hitch is aggregated with the 3 t.c. tractors class of trailed method.

Spring, toothed harrows are an additional option and are completed for additional cost.

The unit with the ZP-8 hitch increases productivity in 2 times.





Reiforced hitch frame Steel handles of shares racks can handle significant loads

Випускается в навісному (КПСН) и причіпному (КПСП) варіанті

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