A lot of weight is needed to handle the stubble

Teeth are made of stainless steel, after heat-treating, and the chain increased strength. The teeth are bent and wrap around the chain link, increasing the welding strength.

Hermetic bearing assembly.

Overlapping across the entire width

Stitching copy modules (for rotary axes of the bearing unit) with springs pressing adjustment efforts.

Fastening element chain hub via rotary axis, giving additional protection against overload.

Widely used rotary harrows with flexible chain shafts are the undisputed leaders in soil-protective energy-saving and moisture-saving crop technologies. Tillage with rotating teeth on a flexible shaft is especially valuable for moisture conservation, as it allows plant debris and weeds to rise to the soil surface and thus create a layer of mulch, while destroying soil capillaries, reducing moisture loss.

Rotary-toothed harrow (RZB "ARMA") - an innovative tool for vertical tillage, not clogged with sticky soil and wet plant debris.

It can be used, for example, for early spring tillage of moist soil with a large amount of plant residues, including after deep cultivator, as well as for know-tills and steam work.

It should be noted that the use of tools for vertical tillage is a prerequisite for the successful use of direct sowing drills (stubble drills). It is clear that after the use of tools for vertical tillage is no longer a classic straight sitting in the uncultivated soil.

But vertical tillage reduces moisture loss and reduces the use of expensive continuous herbicides (glyphosate), while loose soil, preserving its structure and leaving crop residues on top and thus significantly increasing the efficiency of stubble drills (seeders) and technology No - Till .


 Features of application of the rotary-toothed harrow ARMA


  • Moisture-preserving tillage;;
  • Loosening the soil to a depth of 2-8 cm, its alignment with the distribution of plant debris and weeds on top of the soil;
  • Grinding of earth lumps;
  • Creating a layer of mulch on the soil surface to retain moisture;
  • Destruction of soil crust and capillaries to reduce moisture evaporation and moisture retention;
  • Weed control and reduction of spraying costs, including direct sowing (No-Till);
  • High productivity at low fuel costs;
  • Adjustable degree of impact on the soil by the force of pressure on the soil;
  • Aeration (conditioning, ventilation) of the soil;
  • Pre-sowing treatment and care of pairs. Weeds are not cut, but pulled out (combed) and placed on top of the soil;
  • Self-cleaning flexible working bodies are not clogged even at heavy sticky soil and in the wet vegetative rests.

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