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KASI seeder technology No Till

The KASI seeder for No-Till performs one very important function - high-quality sowing in unprepared soil, as the zero tillage system does not provide for cultivation or any other soil preparation. To do this, the seeder has a high pressure on the coulter to maintain the exact depth and a reliable seed feed system for quality seed placement in the row. The need for high pressure on each opener is associated with the massiveness and heavy weight of Kasi. That is why they are not hinged, but only towed.

Simple but not primitive

Low price and aggregation with tractors from 150 horsepower. KASI can be used both in large agricultural holdings and in small farms. The seeder is completely adapted to domestic conditions of operation and repair that favorably differs from foreign analogs.

Service without problems

All threaded elements are metric, so there are no problems with maintenance, repair or quick replacement with new ones.

Zero tillage - rich earnings!

Sowing with a seeder does not require pre-sowing treatment, which means: Fuel economy. Release of equipment. Saving the cost of salaries for machine operators. Reducing the complexity of the sowing process. Increasing the sowing rate.



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