Pre-sowing soil preparation thanks to Super Sharp discs with a diameter of 510 mm.

Precise placing of seed into an identical depth across the entire machine span width thanks to the PSP system. The high downforce on the seeding coulter up to 210 kg.


Light and reliable design of the unit

Convenient and fast crops calibration.

Sowing of various types of grain and legumes using traditional tillage technology and the minimising tillage system

Trailed design

The spring design of a rack provides an individual protection



Pneumatic sowing complex Galaxy

Pneumatic sowing complex Galaxi performs soil loosening, surface levelling, seedbed preparation, sowing and compaction in one pass. It is characterized by impressive precise sowing and a long period of service life, as well as the high working speed in the field. The unit Galaxi always performs placing of seed to a precise depth, due to it's design features. This ensures an even sprouting over the field. 

An accurate batching of seeds and fertilizers

The sowing system Galaxi combines a high dosing accuracy and productivity.

Galaxy seeders are equipped with two sowing mechanisms, one for fertilizers and another for seeds.

The sowing unit Galaxi is capable of applying fertilizers up to 500 kg per hectare at the working speed of 15 km/h, due to sowing mechanisms that are driven by two electric motors. Thanks to the flexible system of seed roller replacement seed can be sown from 2 to 350 kg/he. 

A packing support wheels create a flat seedbed

The large support wheels compact the soil between the front tillage section and the seed coulters, to create an even seedbed before sowing seed.
This gives a significant advantage on light soils, as well as on fields where the soil is very loose due to a deep cultivation or cultivation with insufficient compaction.

A large hopper is a guarantee of productivity

To minimize unproductive waste of time during field works, the seed drill model is equipped with hopper of 5200 l, that divided for seeds 3120 l and for fertilizers 2080 l.
The hopper of the sowing complex is airtight and under pressure, which is necessary for the correct operation of sowing machines.
Thanks to loading hatches (3 pcs) the hooper can be easily filled.


Seed coulters

The soil is packing with large support wheels to form a good seedbed before sowing. Seed coulters instantly react to any soil unevenness on the field, due to that each coulter is equipped with a wide packing wheel, thus the working depth is always constant. Another advantage of wide packing wheels with a large diameter is the smooth running of the drill with low vibration, which increases accuracy during operation at high working speed.


Durable service life

The design of the seed unit Galaxi helps to increase the service life and reduce operating costs. Maintenance-free hub bearings, durable assemblies and a small number of lubrication points reduce maintenance and minimize downtime.




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