Effective seedbed preparation Precise sowing even at high speed Easy to operate and maintain, maintenance-free components.



Mechanical sowing complexes "OVTECH" of a cultivator type are designed for direct sowing with complete stubble tillage and minimal cultivation technology. There are true units for work based on resource-saving technology. They allow economically solve the whole complex of grain growing works.

In one single pass, the unit performs complete stubble tillage, the main and pre-sowing cultivation, a perfect seedbed preparation, applying fertilizer together with a seed to 12-15 cm row, placing sowing material by a mulcher, harrowing and packing. Fully capillary moisturizing of the seed, preventing penetration of the sunlight to plant sprouts, creating favorable conditions at the early stage of crop development. As a result, obtaining strong crop sprouts and laying the basis of a high yield.

In contrast to disc ploughs sowing, using "Ovsinsky" technology allows following: seeds and fertilizers are distributed in a wide band of 15 cm, which is in 4 times increases the nutrition area and reduces the impact of the harmful fertilizer at the early stage of crop development. Crop productivity increases to 15-20%.
Application of "OVTECH" sowing complexes allows to reduce cost of grain production. Each sowing complex pays off three times per year.

Operating concept

The main components of the sowing complex: frame, seed, and fertilizer hopper, arrow-shaped shares-coulters, two-row harrow, front and rear support drum, mechanical sowing system of seeds and fertilizers.
Arrow-shaped shares-coulters perform soil cultivation and form the seedbed. Depth is adjusted by changing the height of the front and rear drums. Seeds and fertilizers from the hopper go to the metering unit's coil and then to the drill seed tube. Emptying of sowing material and fertilizers is regulated by metering units and control system, which controls the speed of coil mechanisms by two electric motors. After sowing the two-row spring harrow covers the drill row with a mulching layer and packs by the rear drum.

Winter crops sowing

It works perfectly for solid tillage up to 12 cm. Seed drill is able to completely replace discators, disc harrows, and other tillage implements. "OVTECH" sowing complex is the ideal unit for sowing winter crops in one pass after harvesting. 

Rape and small-seeded crop sowing 

"OVTECH" sowing complexes are perfectly for sowing rape seeds and other small-seeded crops. For this purpose, it is necessary to use a box for small-seeded crops.
In one pass the unit performs pre-sowing tillage, seeding and fertilizing to the working depth, qualitative seed placement, harrowing, covering with the mulching soil layer, and intensive packing.

Effective working components

The working components are the arrow-shaped shares 330 mm wide by the Spanish manufacturer Bellota. The powerful shares racks made of spring steel 50 c.r. and specially arcuated to prevent clogging.

The special design of spring racks and brackets prevents clogging with plant residues even on high stubble. They perfectly work on a just harvested field with scattered straw.

Two-row spring harrow is designed for soil levelling using spring tines, reducing the ridgeness and creating an even soil layer above the seed, which provides an even plant development all over the field. It consists of two-row spring harrow sections fastened with load-carrying brackets. Spring tines are made of a spring steel 60С2 followed by a heat treatment.

Hopper with larger volume

The hopper has two sections - for seeds and fertilizers. Increased hopper volume reduces downtime and increases productivity per hectare.

Minimum of maintenance and available spare parts

Easy to operate and maintain. The unit is designed with a large margin of strength. Excellent service - it's reliable and robust equipment. OVTECH complexes are characterized by minimal maintenance due to the thought-over design, using high-quality components and wear-resistant materials. "OVTECH" sowing complexes are units that do not require intensive maintenance.


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