Agromash-Kalina LLC is an agricultural machinery manufacturer, whose purpose is to develop, produce and sell high quality products that meet the most demanding requirements of farmers and agronomists. The units are designed with a modern agronomic management method, which helps farmers to achieve high yields with minimal cost.

- development and consultation - all ideas that are expressed in the Kalina Machinery units design come from consulting with agronomists and farm mechanics who are able to realize their ideas with the help of our company, and so to cooperate in the development of their unit.

- production - Kalina Machinery units are made of high quality materials on modern equipment. This makes it possible to obtain quality products at an affordable price.

- increasing soil fertility - our new developments in the field of harrowing and tillage are an advance in the development of environmentally friendly methods of increasing soil fertility. In this way Kalina Machinery technologies contribute to profitable and environment- friendly production.
For agricultural producers, the company offers it's own tillage equipment production, which is recommended for all zones of Ukraine.

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